3-Point Molly Bet

15 Mar

3-Point Molly Bet

The 3-point molly system is a very aggressive approach. Instead of relying on the roll of one point, we bet on three points at the same time. For example as follows:

  • 1. At the beginning of a round a bet is made on the pass line. Assuming a 5 is rolled, the 5 will be the first point.
  • 2. Next you place a come bet equal to the amount of the pass line bet. You secure the Pass Line with an additional odds bet.
  • 3. A 6 is rolled, which is the second point.
  • 4. Again a bet is made on the come bet.
  • 5. The dice show a 9, the third point.

Now we have three points: the 5, 6 and 9. If you hit the 6 or 9, you will be rewarded according to the payout percentages and you place a new come bet to determine a third point again.

On a 5 a new game round begins (the bets on points 6 and 9 would remain) and you can bet on the pass line again.

The system certainly promises excitement – but it can’t give you any significant advantage. If you roll a 7, you lose all bets you made – this happens in 16.70% of the cases!

While the system may seem so complex, the smarter strategy is to simply bet on the pass line, take the odds, and leave it at that.

Craps is another casino game that swims in a sea of ​​systems. Of course, it’s fun to play with a system every now and then to bring a breath of fresh air to the craps table away from the always the same bets.

But you shouldn’t be mistaken: The house edge is then higher (often significantly higher). When choosing the systems, you should be careful not to let the house edge get too big.

Also, watch your bankroll. Systems like 3-Point Molly can tear a gaping hole in your wallet.

It is strategically wise to trust the bets with the lowest house edge. But even here a streak of bad luck can surprise you. Craps just can’t be beat. It is still fun, and that’s what counts!

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